New “Heads and Faces” Lessons!

Heads and Faces!

Hey everyone! Today we released the Heads and Faces course by Ward Makielski. It’s an advanced course that covers drawing the head from different angles, drawing the male and female head, and drawing the face in profile.

Draw Head and FacesHow to draw heads

How to Draw Super Heros

Comic Style Super Guy!

We also added a bonus lesson featuring a Comic style Super Guy! Who doesn’t love Super Heroes? I’m wearing a cape right now! Let us know how you like it. We need to hear from YOU to pick our next lessons. Leave a comment below and tell us what to draw next.

More To Come

Some new lessons have been added to the existing Step by Step courses and more will be coming over the next few days.


  • Theresa

    Lol, this is awesome

  • Noelle Harris

    I think more animals would be awesome to draw in the lessons!

  • Valerie

    horses & tigers & gorillas! please!

  • NY

    I haven’t yet seen you draw any cats or dogs. People would probably want to buy your lessons if you taut them how to draw those cuties… With big fluffy tails! I LOVE drawing fluffy cats and dogs/wolves! I hope you teach people soon! 🙂
    Thanks reading!

    • NY

      And chickens! I LOVE CHICKENS THEY’RE SO CUTE!

  • Bonnie Schwacofer

    How about giant bugs? Or monsters! Or aliens!!! ( . . )

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