Draw Head and Faces

New “Heads and Faces” Lessons!

Heads and Faces! Hey everyone! Today we released the Heads and Faces course by Ward Makielski. It’s an advanced course that covers drawing the head from different angles, drawing the male and female head, and drawing the face in profile. Comic Style Super Guy! We also added a bonus lesson featuring a Comic style Super […]

Draw3D Drawing Lessons

Draw3D Has a New Site!

Welcome to the new Draw3D website! After many suggestions from our members and fans we are excited to bring you the new Draw3D Online Drawing site. All memberships have been transferred to the new site. This is a big change and we are sure there will be a few bumps along the way so we […]

Ward Makielski Draw3D Instructor

Ward Makielski

Our newest instructor! Ward has been drawing and cartooning since before he could walk (well, not really, but he’s been drawing for a long time). Ward has 20 years of experience producing art and design for software titles ranging from early Apple II graphic adventure games, through award winning Edutainment CD ROMs for Sierra On-Line […]

Hybrid Mattresses features

A mattress is usually a filled rectangular pad placed on frame to provide comfortable place for sleeping. Hybrid Mattress-These type of mattress tends to provide an effective compromise between comfort and support. Hybrid Mattress refers to innerspring mattress that has memory foam two inches of material is present in an average hybrid. Hybrid mattress are […]

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