About Draw3D.com

Draw3D is an online learning company designed to teach kids of any age about art, imagination, and the world around us.

We have developed videos and other materials as part of an engaging Art focused program. Our lessons allow anyone, of any level, to learn and enjoy drawing at their own pace. Our courses span a range of interests and subject matter for all levels of artistic ability. What’s new about Draw3D is its flexible and easy to use so you can use it along side your child or monitor their progress with the built in profile dashboard.

Everything about Draw3D is designed to be child friendly, educational and most importantly FUN.

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About Draw3D Mark Kistler

The Draw3D Membership

We offer annual memberships that give you and your child unlimited access to over 300 video drawing lessons!

As a member you can track your child’s progress, see which lessons they have done as they progress through our huge lesson library.

Members receive unlimited access to ALL of our courses as well as updates about our upcoming courses, lessons, and printed material. You can access our courses online from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Nothing to download and nothing to install.

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Mark Kistler

Mark is the Emmy winning creator of The Imagination Station television series and the founder of Draw3D.com. He’s been teaching kids and grown-ups alike to draw in 3D for over 35 years.

Mark has authored more than a dozen books, hosted TV shows, and tours the country doing Live events. He brings imagination, excitement, and expertise to his students and anyone within ear shot:)

Find out more about Mark at by visiting his website.


About Draw3D Artists

Our instructors are professional artists from a host of different backgrounds and they all bring something unique to share.

Everyone at Draw3D is here to bring the best, most creative content we can to you and your children.


Where is Mark Kistler's School Assembly and Summer Art Camp information?

For information regarding Mark Kistler’s School Assembly and Summer Art Camps visit markkistler.com

Where are all the old lessons?

All of the lessons from the old Draw3D site have been added to the new Draw3D site. At the request of our members, we have organized all the lessons into courses and sorted those by level. This was to enable us to add new lessons.

What happened to my 3 year membership?

Draw3D will honor all current memberships for their full length. Your profile page might not reflect the full length of your membership if its over a year. This is because our system only supports 1 year membership terms now. You WILL receive your full membership term.

Can I use my membership on Phones and Tablets?

Yes! Draw3D is compatable with all smartphones and tablets.

Can I use my membership on other computers?

Yes. Your account information is stored online so anywhere you log on will give you access to your profile.

Can I share my account?

Draw3D is designed to have one person per account. This means each account only holds profile info and progress data for a single user.

How do I change my account information?

Once logged in just click the ‘My Profile’ button at the top of the screen. From there you can change your info.

How do I change my account password?

When you click the Log In button there is a button for resetting your password. Make sure you check your spam folder for the email it sends you. It is filtered out very often.

Can I request a lesson?

Yes! We want all your requests. Draw3D is here to teach you what you want to learn.

Our Mission

Draw3D strives to bring the highest level of art content to kids all over the world.

We want to help parents and teachers everywhere engage their children’s minds through drawing and art education.

Why Choose Us

  • Flexible learning options
  • Hundreds of Video lessons
  • Personal progress tracking
  • Fun and engaging courses
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Commercial Free
  • Live Interactive Weekly Webcast Drawing Lessons